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Wildcat Branch Falls

Physical Address

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see below for directions)

Wildcat Branch Falls
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Photo Suggestions

Best to shoot the falls when there is a lot of water crossing the falls
Two falls, one on the road and the second about 50 yards above the one on the road.
The second falls (middle falls) is more impressive
Once across the creek, the trail heads up hill a short distance to an information kiosk with a trail map of the area. Just past this is what's left of the old picnic shelter - the chimney and foundation.
From the chimney, continue up the trail for a very short distance to the beginning of the loop. Taking the left trail, cross the small creek on the rocks and continue to the upper waterfall which is about 1/2 mile from the parking area
Here you will see signs warning you of the dangers of climbing the rocks beyond where the trail goes. At the very bottom of the drop is a jumble of boulders, but the trail will take you up to a flat part where you can safely view the water sliding down the huge rock wall
This waterfall is listed at 100' high, but that might include the boulder part also. Either way, it's worth the hike if the water is flowing and would be really impressive in high flow. During periods of dry weather, this creek can be only a trickle.

Driving Tips and Other Information

The falls are in the six mile section of Hwy 11 and 276.  It is about 5 miles from where the two highways join.
It is a non-descript pull off on the right side of the road coming from Greenville.  At the full off, there is a sign "Wildcat Wayside".  It is part of the SC State Park system.
If you miss the pull off and get to where Hwy 11 and Hwy 276 separate, then back track about 1/2 mile.
After shooting the falls, follow the trail a short distance to the foundation of an old building.  It could make for a good HDR shot.

Information compiled by Bob Spalding

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