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Twin Falls
(Eastatoe Falls)

Physical Address

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Photo Suggestions

Flowers, ferns, and other interesting plants along the short trail to the waterfalls
Water wheel
Creek along the trail
Pools of water
Tree with its roots growing across a rock
 - Photograph the waterfalls from the covered overlook
 - You can climb down onto the rocks surrounding the overlook
     - However, be very careful.
     - Stay away from any water (wetness) or moss on the rocks  (you WILL SLIP)
     - Work you way up to the bottom of the falls and take some close up photos
If you are adventuress, take the short path (right) to the creek (from where the tree with roots), follow the creek to the right and look for a old trail across creek going straight up.  Climb to the top (100 ft) and turn to the left and follow it to the top of the falls and shoot down on the falls.

Driving Tips

No GPS coordinates.  However, you can program your GPS to
 - Bob's Place (490 Moorefield Road, Sunset, SC 29685)
Turn left at Bob's Place - Cleo Chapman Rd
Follow Cleo Chapman Road to Eastatoe Community Road approx. 1.9 miles  (You will cross a bridge just before reaching Eastatoe Community Road.
Turn right on Eastatoe Community Road and drive approx. .8 miles to Water Falls Road (on right)
Turn right on to Water Falls road (paved gravel) and follow it to the parking area - approx. .3 mile
Park and follow the trail to the Water Falls - approx. 1/4 mile (easy walk)
No bathroom facilities available

Information compiled by Bob Spalding

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