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Table Rock State Park

Physical Address

158 Ellison Lane
Pickens, SC  29671
(864) 878-9813
Web Address

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Photo Suggestions

Overview of front side of mountain from big field
(Note: turn onto Back Park Road and walk into field)
Overview from Table Rock Visitors Center
(Note:  watch for power lines)
Just past the East Entrance sign, shoot the Table Rock Mountain with small lake (Pinnacle Lake) in foreground from the bridge on SC Hwy 11
Shoot around the Visitors Center
(Note: to photograph the Visitors Center, do so from the other side of the lake (Lake Oolenoy) in late afternoon)
From inside park (admission fee)
Drive though the East Gate and stop at Overlook (the dam for the lake), park and walk around the right side of the trail next to the water. Good photo opportunities.
Continuing driving on the road, until you come to a pull off (second overlook) and photograph Table Rock, up close and personal
Continue to the swimming area parking lot, park and walk across the road  and follow a short paved trail and photograph small waterfalls along the way.
Once you come to a metal bridge, you can take the Carrick Nature Trail. (Note: going to the left is more photographic)
If you take the Table Rock Trail and follow it all the way to the end, you will have a spectacular view of Table Rock Reservoir
  - It is a tough hike to the top
  - Consider limiting the amount of equipment you carry
Bathroom facilities are available

Driving Tips

Use GPS or a mapping program to get to the Park

Information compiled by Bob Spalding

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