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Sol Flowers

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150 Bradley Road
Anderson, SC 
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While the vibrant, strong sunflower is a recognized worldwide for its beauty, it is also an important source of food. Sunflower oil is a valued and healthy vegetable oil and sunflower seeds are enjoyed as a healthy, tasty snack and nutritious ingredient to many foods.

They are also beautiful to photograph.

There are several locations in Anderson County that grow sunflowers, I selected Sol Flowers because it is easy to get to and parking is not a problem.  Just park along the road or pull into there parking lot.

Photo Suggestions

The best time to shoot sunflowers is where they are blooming late June and most of July.
The best time to photograph sunflowers or any flower is in the early morning.  You get the best light and no wind
Sunflowers always face the sun, so you will get front lighting, however, try photographing a silhouette of the back of the flower.
If you are interesting in photographing the seeds from the flower, then you will need to visit the field in late August or early September.

Driving Tips and Other Information

Use GPS or a mapping program to get to the site.
Bradley Road is off SC Hwy 81 (S)  heading towards Anderson, approx. 2.2 miles from I-85

Information compiled by Bob Spalding

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