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Suber's Corn Mill

Physical Address

(2002 Suber Mill Rd.
Greer, SC 29650

More Photos

Photo Suggestions

This is a working Corn Mill (the people in charge had no problem letting photographers photograph anything in and around the mill itself)
The highlight of the mill is the working water wheel (behind the building)
   - Consider shooting the water wheel with a slow shutter speed
   - Show the water coming onto the wheel
   - Show the gears operating the wheel
   - Consider a HDR shot
Inside the mill
    - Show the corn going into the grinder
    - Show the grounded corn (corn mill)
    - Consider shoot the water wheel from inside window
    - Look for other interesting items around the mill and inside the office.

Driving Tips and Other Information

Use GPS or a mapping program to get to the site.
General Information

The mill, built circa 1908, still grinds corn using water power.  Suberís Corn Mill is just one of a handful of grist mills still operating in South Carolina. Located in Greer on Suberís Mill Road, just a short drive from downtown Greenville, Suberís rests on the slope of a hardwoods-covered hill in the Upcountry. Stop by and see the mill at work and buy a bag of freshly ground corn meal.

Information compiled by Bob Spalding

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