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Old Pendleton Oil Mill

Physical Address

349 East Main Street
Pendleton, SC  29670

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NOTE:  There are No Trespassing Signs all around the mill area.  However, I was not bother by the police (they drove by while I was there)
If you are into old decaying structures, this will be a gold mine.
I photographed from the driveways, not going into any of the building.
The office is still standing (old white building) with materials still present.  You can photograph the insides from the open door.
Good location to do HDR

Driving Tips and Other Information

Use GPS or a mapping program to get to the site.
Just off the Pendleton Town Square

Little History

The Pendleton Oil Mill was originally set up as a cottonseed oil mill, but has more recently served as a petroleum dispersal center and then a fertilizer business. The Mill continued to produce fertilizer and related products until the early 2000s.

Information compiled by Bob Spalding

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