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Parris Mountain State Park

Physical Address

2401 State Park Rd
Greenville, SC 29609
Phone: 864-244-5565

More Photos

Photo Suggestions

From the parking lot, consider shooting the bridge at the beginning of the Nature Trail
  - Shoot from the parking lot
  - Walk down into the wooded area and shoot at a different angle
  - Consider the old building at the beginning of the Nature Trail
Follow the Nature Trail to the right and shoot interesting things along the way
As you walk around the lake (Lake Placid), you will see the dam and spill way, good photo opportunity from the bridge
Great pastoral setting across the road from the park.  Usually cows and some horses can be seen
Beautiful flowers around the lake in the spring.
Old Visitor's Center is a nice photo shot

Driving Tips and Other Information

Use GPS or a mapping program to get to the Park

Information compiled by Bob Spalding

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