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Gilreath's Mill

Physical Address

(no physical address
see below for directions)

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Photo Suggestions

If you like old buildings, this is a OK spot
Facing the front of the mill - go to the left and walk down to the creek following the path
Using a wide angle lens, you get both the mill and the old water wheel in the photo (The water wheel is not attached to the mill)
Stepping on the rocks in the creek, you can show both the water flow and the mill at the same time.
Facing the mill, go to the right side and you can get a good photo of the rocks holding up the mill

Driving Tips and Other Information

The mill is located just past the intersection of SC Hwy 101 (Saluda Gap Road) and North Rutherford Road..
The mill is about 100 yards past the intersection on Hwy 101
There is parking for about three cars
The mill is right on the BUSY Hwy 101, so beware of this when shooting the front of the mill.
General Information:

Gilreath's Mill (at times also known as Heller's Mill, Bruce's Mill, and Taylor's Mill) is located on South Carolina Highway 101, near the town of Greer, South Carolina. The ​2 1⁄2-story mill which sits on stone pillars[2] was likely built ca1814, however, records can only confirm its existence as far back as 1839.[3] It is one of the few remaining original mills that once provided staple foods and provided a place for rural residents to congregate.

The building, built by Joel Bruce,[5] includes two gable-roof sheds that were added to the north end of the original building. The water wheel, which powered the mill, is located to the southwest of the building. The mill produced both cornmeal as well as flour.


Information compiled by Bob Spalding

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