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Devils Fork State Park

Physical Address

161 Holcombe Circle
Salem, SC 29676
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Photo Suggestions

Hike the Oconee Bell Trail and photograph the rare and beautiful Oconee Bell wild flower in early spring (March/April)
  - In late spring, mountain laurel blooming
  - Early summer rhododendron bloom
  -Throughout the spring, summer and fall other plants bloom

  - However, the fall is the best time to be on the lake, photographing the fall colors

Photograph the "Wall" on Lake Jocassee, famous for being blown up in the movie Deliverance.
Travel by boat to Laurel Fork Falls - it plunges 80 feet - have to maneuver the boat between two giant rocks

  - Need a map to find the falls.  It is in the upper part of the Lake
  - It takes one person to maneuver the boat in place and hold it there
  - There is a lot of water current forcing the boat against the rocks

There are other small waterfalls on the lake, some can photographed from a boat and others you can get out of the boat and photograph. 
And of course the boaters and skiers on the water.

Driving Tips and Other Information

GPS or a mapping program
As with most SC State Parks, there is an admission fee ranging from $2.00 to $5.00, unless you have a SC State Park Pass.

Information compiled by Bob Spalding

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